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10X – FAQs

  1. What is the ideal cell number for analysis? The ideal cell number varies and depends on the experimental goals. We typically input 5000 to 7000 cells.
  2. What is the capture rate? Cell capture rate depends on several variables, including input cell number and viability. A typical experiment ranges from 30-60%.  Please see 10X Genomics website for details.
  3. How should the cells be prepared for 10X? It is recommended that investigators should optimize their cell isolation procedure prior to 10X experiments. In general, we recommend cell viability of >80% for optimal cell input. The Human Immunology Center Flow Cytometry Sorting Core can be used to isolate viable cells or there are protocols available for cell isolation by MACs beads.
  4. How many samples should I run? The number of samples should be determined based on your experimental goals.  We can support up to 8 samples each day, however it is highly recommended that the investigator perform a pilot experiment before committing to large scale experiment.
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