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General FAQs

  1. What is the cost per sample? All the information about pricing is listed on our website:  In brief, it depends on how many samples you commit to schedule within a 3-month period:
    • 1-9 samples: $5000/sample;
    • 10-19 samples: $4500/sample;
    • 20-29 samples: $4000/sample;
    • 30+ samples: $3500/sample.
    • We also offer Cell Hashing, Cite-Seq and Immune Cell Repertoire services provided at an ‘add-on’ price. For example, if you multiplex several samples using cell hashing technology, the price will be $5000 (base price for 1 pooled set of cell populations) + $3000 (‘add-on’ price for the Cell Hashing service).
  2. What is included in the price? We provide a full, all-inclusive, comprehensive service which includes:
    • Administrative services, consultations and advice on experimental design and sample preparation
    • All 10x Genomics reagents, buffers, and Cell Hashing antibodies (if required)
    • Sample QC prior to loading, and post-library generation
    • Sequencing and basic bioinformatic analysis (using the Cell Ranger pipeline)
    • Trouble-shooting assistance and re-sequencing, if necessary, to aim to achieve at least 20k reads/cell
  3. How should I book the experiment? For new users or new project requests, we first ask that you please create a Power Point slide or two addressing our New User or New Project Introductory Questionnaire and send the attachment to After our scientific team has had a chance to review your slides, we will reply you and may arrange a short meeting to discuss the project. When your samples are ready, you will need to:
    1. Create an account on the Partners Core Management System (Internal Partners Users: Use Partners ID and External Non-Partners Users: Click Here for PCMS Registration Instructions)
    2. Fill out a Sequencing Request Form and send to
    3. We will respond to you to schedule your sample submission. The booking should be at least 1-2 weeks in advance.
  4. I want my data as soon as possible! What is the Turn Around Time for your core? It takes about 2 months, from the time the sample is submitted, to data delivery after running the CellRanger pipeline. 
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