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Cell Sorting – FAQs

  1. Why is it strongly suggested to sort cells prior to use of the 10X platform? Sorting for viable cells that are purified from any debris or contaminating cells increases the effectiveness of the 10X controller and helps to avoid detrimental clogs as well as produces significantly better sequencing and data analyses downstream.
  2. Why sort at the Human Immunology Center? The Human Immunology Center is located in the same laboratory as the Single Cell Genomics Core and it has been proven that decreasing the time between isolating viable cells and the use of the 10X controller produces significantly better results.
  3. Is cell sorting included in the pricing package offered? Unfortunately no, the two cores are individual BWH entities and are not allowed to combine or share costs.
  4. How much does is cost to sort? Fees are as follows:
    • Partners Academic – $110/hour
    • Non-Partners Academic – $159/hour
    • For-Profit Industry/Biotech – $200/hour
  5. How do I schedule a sort? During your consultation with the Single Cell Genomics Core, the core manager and scientific directors will help you coordinate a time that works for both cores and that fits your schedule.
  6. Where can I find more information on cell sorting? The Human Immunology Center has an informative website: or contact:
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